Fremantle as it Was are excited to announce Freo on a Plate

Have you ever wondered why your attempts at cooking Italian food never looks like the pictures in glossy recipe books?

Food is about passion, learning that the heart of every home is the kitchen and learning that making fantastic food needn’t be complicated or expensive. You can learn all the same things.

Freo on a Plate has step by step recipe guides with photos to keep you on track. Every single thing that goes to make up a perfect meal is broken down into easy to follow stages

We provide the ingredients and the recipes, you provide the pots and pans. Great Italian food is not about which “celebrity” chef has managed to catch your attention this week. It’s about good ingredients, a straightforward recipe, a dash of passion and a willingness to enjoy life.

We have a simple mission at Freo on a Plate - to share that passion for fine food and to help you acquire the skills and knowledge to create your own authentic Italian cooking.

Yet authentic does not necessarily mean difficult. Through a series of easy to follow recipes graded from Easy to Gourmet, we guide you through the process of taking good quality, basic ingredients, to create your own Italian masterpiece. It's the closest thing to alchemy we know, as you create delicious food using simple ingredients and the knowledge of generations of Italian cooks.

Our recipes are uniquely simple to follow with step by step pictorial guidance,  

In no time at all, even if you have limited cooking experience you will be creating really tasty and interesting meals that will impress your friends, and delight your taste buds.

Easy to follow recipes and Ingredients delivered straight to your home! 

Shortly we will announce  the selection Menu for:

The Back to Basic Box is for those keen to perfect the art of cooking flavoursome Italian Cuisine.

The A la Carte Box is Italian Fine Dinning. Original recipes with a twist to today's style. 

Each month our menu cuisine will change to enhance your selection. Each Box will have the products and ingredients to create Four Meals either for 2 People or Family of 4 or more.

Behind the scenes we are busy creating our own brand Freo on Plate products such as Passata Sauce. 

We will announce the Opening of Freo on a Plate soon.

Best Regards

Peter Vinci

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Hi my name is Jacqui Lang, I’m a journalist and my partner Peter Rigby and I publish Perth online magazine The Starfish.
We’d like to do a story on you, if you’re interested? If you can email me your contact details I will get in touch. (Am going away on Monday, to Bali but will be back early November.) Kind regards, Jacqui


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